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Welcome to the Jopari Provider Portal Basic Registration process. Basic Registration is a free web based service that offers medical providers secure access to submitted bill and payment status as well as the ability to view, download and print payment and EOR information from payers. The Jopari Provider Portal is a multi-payer environment, so connected providers have access information from all connected Jopari payer clients.

Additional Services:
Jopari also provides Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment processing and Electronic Bill & Attachment (eBilling) clearinghouse services to connected Payers and Providers. These services can be added to your user profile after completing Basic Registration. Please indicate your interest in either receiving more information by email or on registering for EFT payments and / or Electronic Bill Submission services below:

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Basic Registration includes the collection of and Medical Provider contact & W-9 Tax information for security purposes, and the execution of a simple Trading Partner Agreement with Jopari. Registration forms are printed by the user and faxed back to Jopari for processing.

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